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just a quick note to let you know leah/lucy is doing really well, we took her to grand rapids last weekend, she was perfect in the car and walking down busy noisy streets....she has been truly a perfect sweet puppy. she is also taking to Ashley foremost, sleeping in her room, and on her clothes, sometimes uses her shoes as a pillow. we are so happy to see her imprinting with her in such a major way. we are totally thrilled with our newest member of the family...my husband was mauled at the shoe store while in gr...women who want to see, touch, pet, hold his puppy...shes a real chic magnet....thanks again Stephanie,,,claire
~ the princess of our house....such a great dog...thank you again Stephanie

Hi Stephanie
Just wanted to let know the ride home went well. We decided to keep her name as Bella. 
The kids are enjoying her and watching her discover new things outside. Been taking lots of pictures of her. Once I get them loaded to my computer I will send some to you. Once again thank you for the opportunity to get one of your puppies. She is wonderful.
Wanted to send some current pictures of Teddy. He is doing great. Finally sleeping thru the night. We started puppy classes last week, so that is fun. Take care.

His intent is to get on the ottoman, he thinks he’s being sneaky. He’s such a cutie and so good with the kids, even when the younger one gets in his face, Jake just looks at him like “what are you doing crazy human”.
He is growing like a weed, he gained 8 lbs since we got him and is about 3 inches taller – and doing so well on training. The kids can command him to sit and stay, now we are working on laydown now.
More pics to come
Kirstie K.

Stephanie was great to work with when we adopted our girl, Bailey, in the fall of 2012. Bailey is now almost 15 months old. She is a wonderful pet and the official “greeter” at our resort. She does great with all our guest, both young and old. She plays well with kids of all ages and does great with other dogs. She is also has been the easiest dog to train that I have owned. Many of our guest have inquired what breeder she was from and we are always quick to recommend Stephanie. Her place is very clean and organized which shows great professionalism as a breeder and she clearly is very caring of the animals. If you would like to meet Bailey, please stop by our resort Wakaigan Shores in Houghton Lake! She will be there to greet you!

Jim and Nancy Page
Wakaigan Shores Resort
 We have a great little guy! We went to look for a new vehicle and we took the boys with us (they go everywhere with us) and they needed to check out our vehicle and we warned them about the boys and they told us we could bring them into the auto dealer and then Ed just feel in love with them. We got talking and he was telling a story about how he has been looking for a Golden ever since his buddy had gotten one - he just didn't know how to begin to search for one knowing coming from a good place. So that is how he got your name and e-mail. So I hope it works out for you both - he was so good with the boys and I really do think he would be great with one since was so excited to be able to see one of the pups from a litter. So will send pictures again soon. 
Bailey on the Shores of Houghton Lake

When Kodiak came to his forever home to be the newest member of our family, he was very well socialized – it was readily apparent that Steph and her family had spent lots of time with these puppies, nurturing them and customizing them to life with humans. Kodiak demonstrated a high level of intelligence from the first day, and he continues to amaze us with his aptitude, as well as his desire to please his humans. Now six months old, he is the light of our lives – a happy, healthy, and gorgeous light golden, and the perfect playmate and companion. I could not have imagined what a wonderful addition he would become to our family!

Steph’s puppies are raised in a first-class environment, with a high level of attention paid to health and tender loving care. I have never known anyone who loved her dogs and pups as much as Steph does – she’s a class act who breeds and raises the most wonderful pets.

I highly recommend SweetPups4U as a top-notch source for golden retriever puppies, as well as for other breeds.

 I couldn't be more pleased with our new baby "Gracie," whom I purchased from Stephanie. The moment Gracie came home, I knew she came from a good environment and a good breeder. Gracie instantly felt so welcome and comfortable around us. Stephanie raises her puppies indoors and around people, so when Gracie came home, she was already used to being inside and being around people. Not only is Gracie so well behaved, but she is also very intelligent and beautiful. I don't know if I have seen a more beautiful litter of puppies! I live downstate and when I saw Gracie online, I fell in love, but I knew I couldn't travel all the way up north to where she was. But that's the wonderful thing about Stephenie! She will meet you half way! How many breeders do that?! So, in conclusion, if you are looking for the perfect puppy and perfect breeder contact Stephanie. Then you can welcome a beautiful, healthy, and happy puppy into your home just like we did with Gracie. 
 Bella is a phenomenal dog from an awesome breeder! She came to us happy and healthy, and full of energy. You did a great job of helping us, and then communicating with us throughout the delivery process. Bella is already a delight and a playful member of the house in just the first few days.” ~E. Douglas 
Hi Stephanie,

Hope all is well with you, your family and the dogs. Denali is doing great. He was neutered last Tuesday Jan 22. He has to stay on a leash until tomorrow and goes back to play with his doggie friends at Doggie Day Care Wed. He is ready to run and have fun. Will you be having another litter this fall. i know you talked about a litter in the Spring. 


Just wanted to send you an update on Paxton, he's coming up on his second birthday in a few months and he is still just the sweetest dog. I get so many compliments on his beautiful coat and easy going personality. He loves playing in the backyard with my little niece and nephew. 
I cannot thank you enough for the joy he has brought to my life, I look forward to adding another sweetpups4u puppy to my family in the near future and recommend you to everyone. I don't feel like I just got a puppy I feel like I've made a friend for life. 

-Patti & Paxton

Hi Stephanie!
 We just love our maizey girl! She's almost 2 now, so full of energy, and love! She's our big cuddle bug. Such a mommy/daddy girl!! We can't thank you enough for our girl! 
~~~I wanted to send you an updated picture of Jake. He is growing so fast and still trying to catch up to his paws. He has a long way to go though. He has become a wonderful addition to our family and has settled right in (as you can tell by this picture). He and Justin have become best buds, Jake can’t get enough of him and vice versa. Thank you for trusting our family with one of yours, if an when the time comes we will definitely be coming back to you for another precious addition.
~~ thank you for trusting us with one of your precious baby’s – he has become a 5th member of the family in no time at all. And he loves the snow – haven’t gotten any pictures of him in the snow yet – but he has a ball.

It has been a while since I sent you updated pictures of Jake and since he just turned 2 years old I thought I send some new ones. I think he has finally reached his adult size, weighing in at last appt. at 87 pounds. He is such a sweetheart and very smart. The kids absolutely adore him (as does the whole neighborhood) and he them. He always wants to be around someone and has no qualms sitting directly in your lap as if he weighs 10 pounds.He loves to go on trips with us (especially camping), we take him everywhere we go and if we can’t he visits with his girlfriend (the white boxer). I haven’t gotten him to go in the water at the beach yet – he isn’t sure about the waves.

I’ll try to get a good picture of him sitting pretty – I’d really like you to see the white patch on his chest. He is a looker, everyone always tells us how gorgeous he is; I think it goes to his head because he is definitely king of our castle.

From the very beginning Stephanie was amazing to work with. I have grown up with dogs all my life, and this was going to be my husband and I's first dog together so I wanted the whole process to be special. Since we lived far away, Stephanie sent pictures and described the personalities of all the dogs so we could choose which was best for our family. When I picked up Kyah I could tell these puppies were well loved from the start. They were socialized and well-behaved. Stephanie puts everything she has into raising these family members. The entire process went smooth and she worked with all our needs. Kyah is now almost 4 years old. She is an amazing dog and we just had our first baby girl. They are inseparable and great with all children. We will definitely come back when we are ready for our second Golden.


  Hi Stephanie,

  Just wanted to share with you what a wonderful addition Roxy is to our family. From the beginning our experience with Roxy has been amazing! You were so helpful with the selection of Roxy and were great about sharing updated pictures of the litter. The second we picked her up she was already a great fit!! When we adopted Roxy our children were 9, 4 and twin 3 year olds. Our little puppy was lugged (maybe dragged a lil) everywhere. She was dressed up, put in strollers and wagons and always being cuddled by someone. This puppy had the sweetest disposition. She also was a quick little learner. We did not do a puppy school, we are too relaxed for that However, within a week, she was sitting, laying, shaking and coming! She also was fully housebroken by 14 weeks old. Accidentally left her out of the crate at 6 months old and came home to a clean house!! She is so well behaved for living in such a chaotic house with little discipline!! Roxy is now full grown and will be 2 in December. She has gone from a child’s baby doll to a child’s best friend and pony. She is such a part of our family, I can’t imagine not having her. Thank you for our fur baby!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my puppy. His name was Jasper but I changed it to Brady. He has a lot of energy and is a lot of fun. He is very healthy. I am extremely pleased and glad that my parents purchased from you.
I will try to keep sending pictures and I will recommend you to anyone I talk to. By the way as long as I tire him out he is very well behaved. He seems to be easily trainable too.

Thank you again,

Nick Oswald
He is wonderful. The girls had to go to a conference in Seattle, so my son went down and house sat. He had a ball with Moukie and Bear. Says he is growing like a weed and very cuddly and playful. I'll tell Liss to send you pic. Thorae is wonderful. The girls had to go to a conference in Seattle, so my son went down and house sat. He had a ball with Moukie and Bear. Says he is growing like a weed and very cuddly and playful. I'll tell Liss to send you pic. Thora
** Knope is such a cutie. She is a great puppy and brings a lot of joy to my family. Thank you so much,
She's just perfect for our family she makes us complete. =)
Thank you so much for raising a bundle of joy for us!
Annabelle has been a champ. No accidents in house. Went right to sleep in crate. Negotiated successfully around the personalities of the other dogs.
~Jake is such a good boy! Can't believe he will be a year old January 23rd.
Hi Steph:

Wow, what a good girl. We've only had her 2-days and she is already pawing the door to go potty. She is not soiling her cage and we already have her sleeping on the bedroom floor with the door closed. She is learning fast. This is our third golden and we are impressed with her advanced behaviour, either we're good at training, good breeding or she's just smart.

Her bone structure is really solid and she really has a pronounced forehead which is really cool. We loved our visit with you and were really impressed with your home, you just can't get a better environment for buying a golden puppy. We have never and will not buy from a golden breeding farm and our last two were from private farms. Ginger has filled the hole left by our dear Chessie who just passed away last week. My brother will be looking for a puppy, so you'll probably see us again soon.

Anyway, here are some pics for you to post.

John, Peggy, Melinda and Ginger

Loki is now living with his half brother & mom Paxton & Patti.
He is just the best! He always has that smile on his face. Shout out to Stephanie Brege, best breeder of Golden Retrievers ever.He's so funny. When he wants to go outside he is such a talker. He follows us around and is like "Hey did you not hear me! I want to go outside!" Such sweetheart personality. Maybe another in the near future 

Lisa Cole
~ Ottis
~ Lola

All is well with Lily and she is doing great. She went to the vet last week and weighed 31 lbs. Lily has adapted great to the family and her big sister Kasey. Her demeanor hasn't changed a bit - she is still the first one to great us at the door and is very friendly.

Her are a few recent pictures of her.

Thanks again. She is a terrific dog and we love her very much.

Greg Holloway
~Thanks for the wonderful new family member Stephanie.
His daily walk in the woods. He slept all night last night. We are so happy to have him as part of our family.

Just wanted to send you an updated photo if Greta. She is getting big! Such a sweetie! 
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Margaret & Dennis  
Greta and Frank

Just a quick line and picture to let you know we couldn't be happier with our boy Barklee. He is very bright, handsome and charming. He can sit, lay, and shake most importantly he is about 98% potty trained. Thank you so much we can't imagine life without him.


Cooper relaxing in his chair. Thank you Stephanie of Sweetpups4u. He is the best and we love him soooo much. He is smart, funny and a lover. 
Hi Stephanie, Just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how wonderful our puppy Tucker is! He is the brown collar male from your litter born on 11/8/14. He is an absolutely wonderful dog and we are in love! He is so smart, he knows sit, shake and come already. He is wonderful on the leash and get lots of walks each day. He has become such a wonderful part of our family and has been very healing since we lost our beloved Cooper dog. I want to thank you for working with us, answering all of our questions and being so helpful during the process of picking out a new dog. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy! Please send me your email when you get a chance and I will send some pictures of Tucker! Thank you! Katie Beechler
Hey Stephanie, Just a short FYI...this may be the smartest and easiest pup I have ever worked with, sits on command, took literally 2 minutes to learn to come on command, and already walks at heel on right side instantly when told...oh and goes to the door and talks when he needs to go out quite often, very few accidents already. Thank you for the opportunity to own Deke.
2nd note...He's a doll...easy to work with, good personality, very good confirmation, vet gave boosts shots last Monday, She was very impressed with him too.Nice job Steff!!                                                                                      

Here is recent picture of our boy Barklee (aka Mr. B.). He has become the family ambassador always willing to to go anywhere or do anything as long as he is with his forever family. Thank you once again for such a special puppy.
Thank you Stephanie. Tiger is doing very well. Thought of sharing some pics with you.
Hi Stephanie! I thought I'd send a few photos of Lilliquake. She's doing great! She enjoyed a little vacation up north recently. Thanks! -Sarah
Rose Bud
​Hi Stephanie
Since Willow will be celebrating her first birthday on May 24, I thought you would like to see what a beautiful girl she is becoming. Willow is a great traveler and loves going for walks. When people tell her how pretty she is, she usually rolls over on her back for a belly rub. She makes us laugh every day.