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Females Page
Miss Harper
~ Harper is a super Sweet heart. She is American Golden, smooth coat, Medium in color, nice blocky head. Harper is about  60lbs, not to big not to small. OFA cert.

​~Peyton is a petite Golden Retriever with a Big Heart. She is very independent. She has a very soft coat. Small blocky head, she weights 55lbs.
Peyton loves the water and  chasing the tennis balls. OFA cert.
Owner: Stephanie
Miss Ava
~Miss Ava is a fun loving Golden. She loves all the attention she can get. She has a more narrow face and with a nice wavy coat. She is about 60lbs. She comes from our long Bloodline of Goldens that have lived a long life. OFA cert.
Owner : Chelsie
Miss Piper
Miss Piper is a sweet golden with a lovely personality. She is shy at first but will warm up. She loves to play ball and swim. Piper is about 70lbs., her coat is wavy. OFA cert.
Owner: Stephanie
Miss Jozie

Miss Jozie is 1/2 American & 1/2 English. She is very independent, loves to play and run, she will go all day. She is 55 lbs, her coat is soft and long. OFA cert.
Owner: Leah
Our Yeti girl is a future mom. She is still growing, so I will update her coat down the road. Yeti is a American Golden.
 Miss Sadie
​Our Sadie girl is half English & half American. She is very sweet and loves everyone a real momma's girl. Her coat is nice and smooth. Sadie is 60 lbs.